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The Golden Mantra: Shop Around for the Best Annuity Rates

Whilst the annuities market is struggling there is still value to be found for retirees. The key is to speak to an IFA and shop around for the best annuity rates on the open market. Options such as enhanced annuities and drawdown can be very attractive.

Market Unlikely to Change Soon

A key takeaway here is that experts are not predicting any sizeable increases in annuity rates in 2017. As such, taking the approaching of doing nothing in the hope that the market may pick up soon is not advised.

A far wiser solution is to speak to an independent financial advisor.

Importance of Using an IFA

This is critically important. The only way to ensure you get the best options in retirement for your is by speaking to a qualified independent financial advisor (IFA). Emphasis being on independent here, as IFAs are required by law to advise you to the best option for your needs, regardless of commission or provider bias.

It is important to understand that there are never one-size-fits-all best solutions when it comes to retirement planning. Every retiree has a highly individualized set of needs and circumstances that must be fully considered when choosing an annuity.

Remember, once you make your choice here, there is no changing it.

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